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Main Features

1. 48V / 750W Rear Hub Motor ( Top speed: 45km/h )
Mamba DALLAS ebike's 48V 750W Brushless Motor has high performance, more power and faster acceleration. The rear hub motor offer unmatched performance on climbs, deep snow, and even mud. The powerful motor allow the max speed up to 45km/h.


2. 48V 18Ah x 2 (1728Wh) Removable Dual Samsung Batteries
Mamba DALLAS ebike's dual 48V 18Ah large capacity 21700 cell units lithium batteries enable a long range 140-170km by assist mode, 100-120km by pure electric mode. Only 4.6kg weight, it’s one of the largest capacity battery packs on the market for electric bikes. Its simple design and compact size make the bicycle beautiful and generous. And also, it is easy to install and disassemble as well as convenient transportation and safe use:

√ Waterproof design
√ Long cycle life
√ Compact Size


3. Key-Disp Colorful Smart LCD Display Support APP
Mamba DALLAS ebike supports the most recent smart App: Key-Disp, which allows your bike become more smart and reliable. You can track your bike's position (Apple Find My) and edit bike's specifications as you wish on the App. No need to reset the display any more, the settings are now become easier. Download the App with the link below:

For Android: Click here√

For IOS: Click here√


4. Front and Rear Shock Absorber
Mamba DALLAS ebike has front and rear shock absorbers. The full shockproof system keeps your tires stay in contact with the ground when riding on rugged ground, and bumps. Meanwhile, it will improve traction, instead of rebounding from bumps and losing grip, and reducing the risk of making mistakes on rough terrain for long distances riding with smoother riding.


5. 5 Speed Levels with Mechanical Shift 7 Gears
7-speed Shimano derailleur can travel on different terrains. Riders can adjust the bike’s gear according to personal preference to adapt to different road conditions, such as tilt, bumps, or other difficulties. The lower gears make it easier to pedal, and the higher gears make it easier to move downhill.


6. Mamba Orginal Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Hydraulic disc brakes use a sealed fluid system to transfer the braking force from the lever to the caliper. The advantages of hydraulic disc brakes: more likely to last longer; less maintenance; more brake stopping power.


7. 20 x 4.0" All Terrain Fat Tires
Mamba DALLAS ebike has 4.0 wide fat tires with extremely cut-resistant and wear-resistant feature. This densely woven fabric is lightweight and highly flexible. To ensure that the performance of the tire is not affected by the excellent grip, the pattern design provides good grip and stability. The tread design is deep and wide, and the drainage is good. It is very suitable for driving on snow, mountain, and rugged roads, even hunting.



2024 MAMBA DALLAS 48v750w eBike Dual Battery

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