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Explore Sydney’s cycle tracks on your electric bike

In recent years, there have been more cycle lanes appearing in and around Sydney, as well as an increase in dedicated cycle tracks and shared pedestrian and cycle paths. Did you know that there are also classic bike tracks for electric bikes in Sydney with no or few cars, where you can enjoy the benefits of cycling in a safe environment?

Cycling with your electricity bicycle (ebike) in and around Sydney is fantastic for sheer variety. Although there are busy roads and crazy drivers, you will also be rewarded with awesome scenery and unbeatable weather. The city isn't known for its mountain peaks, but there are a few spots of elevation as well as plenty of fast flats to smash yourself on. There are also numerous options in each direction - north, south, east, and west.

In this article, we will share

3 of the best Sydney cycle tracks.

Stay tuned for 1 bonus track at the end!

First is the Centennial Parklands.

Centennial Parklands - electric bike lane in sydney - avocado ebikes

Here, you'll be cycling under trees, past beautiful ponds, open green spaces, and a plethora of nature. It's ideal for those looking to stay fit or for those looking for a leisurely ride to relax and take in the scenery. There are two charging stations for electric bikes, each capable of charging two automobiles, located in the 200 block of Centennial Park downtown, with the other two two-vehicle stations located at the new public safety building at 1575 E. Venice Ave. There is an app that helps drivers to identify stations and arrange their routes to stay within a safe distance of them, decreasing "range anxiety." There are also four new changerooms, as opposed to the current two. The Parklands now has designated cycle lanes and trails for riders of all skill levels. In fact, this park is the major link between the City of Sydney's network of cycleways and the cycle network of the eastern suburbs, making the Parklands a vital commuter zone. As a cyclist, you can take advantage of a number of shared cycleways designed to enable safe cycling, as well as the Learners Cycleway. The Grand Drive Cycle Lane connects to the surrounding regional network of cycleways in a safe and accessible manner.

Second is the Olympic Park.

Olympic Park - ebike lane in Sydney - Avocado Ebikes

Cycling enthusiasts of all skill levels will enjoy this area. Visit the renowned 7.5km Olympic Circuit and relive your Olympic Games memories. Begin at the Town Centre and travel via prominent Olympic venues such as the ANZ Stadium, the Olympic Cauldron, Cathy Freeman Park, and the Games Memories poles installation, a permanent homage to the volunteers who helped make the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games such a spectacular event. Please carry a refillable bottle to relieve your thirst as there are many different public restroom facilities available, including water fountains. For those looking for a longer (45-75 minute) meal break, there are cafes and restaurants, as well as fast food (McDonald's, Subway, Oporto, Gloria Jeans). Lookouts, bird hides, wildlife refuges, mangrove boardwalks, shipwrecks, and outdoor art can all be found here. Choose from three fantastic Bike Safari Circuits (for ages 5+) based on your riding ability and what you want to see. Enjoy family-friendly bike paths, such as the Children's Loop in Bicentennial Park.

Third is the Prospect Loop Cycleway.

Prospect Loop Cycleway - E bike lanes in Sydney - Avocado Ebikes

This cycleway follows much of Sydney's water infrastructure and offers a variety of terrain and scenery, making it ideal for both experienced and first-time riders. Prospect Reservoir Loop is a bike path that follows the Lower Prospect Canal Reserve from Guildford station to the reservoir. The ride returns from the reservoir via Orphan School Creek, or Prospect Creek if you prefer a shorter ride. This is a dedicated cycle path with no cars in sight for the most part. You will be able to explore Western Sydney on a 35-kilometer-long separated-from-the-road cycleway. This long loop on the Parramatta-Liverpool train line connects Guildford and Canley Vale and extends all the way to Abbotsbury. If you're taking public transportation to the loop, start at Guildford Station and look for the Prospect Canal Cycleway, which runs alongside Trenton Road. Bring your own food and break up the ride by stopping at the Prospect Dam picnic area for a bite to eat. It's the ideal trail for getting your legs moving, so bring plenty of food, water, and sunscreen.

Bonus! Bonus! Bonus!

Well done for staying with us until the end.

Here’s a bonus destination for you - the Royal National Park.

Royal National Park - Places for riding an ebike in Sydney - Avocado ebike

The cycling trails in this park include public roads and a small number of single tracks. Specially marked mountain biking trails are bidirectional. Cyclists should be aware that they can only ride on existing signposted trails and are not permitted on walking tracks, wilderness areas, or nature reserves. There are currently no official maps or lists of e-bike charging stations in Royal National Park. Cyclists may, however, be able to charge their e bikes at certain cafes, restaurants, hotels, residences, and campgrounds. If you choose any of these options, make sure to get permission first. First and foremost, don't overlook the park's numerous hiking trails, which include The Coast Walk, Forest Path, and Karloo Walking Track. Go whale watching if you're visiting between May and October to see majestic humpback whales in their natural habitat. During low tide, you can see the well-known, naturally formed Figure Eight Pools. View the artwork at the Dharawal Aboriginal Engravings Site to learn about indigenous history. Finally, there are 11 fresh and saltwater beaches to choose from, including Garie Beach, Jibbon, Wattamolla, Little Marley, Curracurrang, and others, where you can swim, surf, participate in water sports, or simply relax on the beach.


Whether you're an experienced cyclist or a beginner, every cyclist needs a good track where they can pedal to get their kilometers in and their blood pumping. Cycling in Sydney can often feel like a game of Russian roulette, with busy roads, narrow lanes, and a lack of cycle paths.

Remember to be cautious when riding your e bike and taking in the breathtaking scenery. To ensure your safety, visit our online store

to purchase some safety accessories. If you've never ridden an ebike in Australia before, book a test ride online and take one home today.

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