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Avocado E-bike

A new cycling experience for all Australians.

or test an ebike today.

Fast Shipping
Wider Choices
Premium Quality
Low Maintenance

#1 E-bike Shop For E-bike Lovers

When you think of avocado, you think of healthy lifestyle and energy, same as our ebike products. Our stunning ebikes will give you a new cycling experience.

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 2024 Mamba Venom Pro

New Collection is here.

We are determined to create an e-bike that can be used by anyone and still perform the best in any kind of situation. Check out our e-bike collections to pick the right one for you.

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Non-compromised performance with affordable price.

Add Avocado EBIKE now to your favourites and experience wholesale pricing direct to consumers!

You can find all decent ebike products from Avocado Ebike.

Our price is the best in the market and our products are worth every dollar of your cost.



Mamba Venom
avocado ebike blank card
kit product

Bafang Ebike Kit


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